"Ensuring a healthy future means investing in the generation who will carry that future."
The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority's Internship Program offers students enrolled in high schools (junior or senior level), colleges, vocational or trade schools and other qualifying educational institutions with paid work experience while completing their education. The program provides students with the opportunity to gain direct practical experience under the guidance of a Mentor as they participate in research, conservation work, or other meaningful projects to fulfill MIMRA’s mission. Arrangements can also be made for students seeking internship for credit to meet academic requirements. The program is intended to enhance and invest in the capability, diversity and size of the RMI’s future workforce by promoting possible careers in fisheries management, marine science, and other related areas.

- Be enrolled in an accredited high school, college, vocational or trade school
- Be proficient in English and Marshallese
- Have good academic performance
- Must be 16-22 years of age
- Additional consideration will be given to any prior experience relevant to the internship opportunity of interest.

Click here to access full program, detailing opportunities and mentorship roles given by various MIMRA divisions, and refer to the table below for all MIMRA internship related documents.