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Fisheries Officers deputized

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Above, Marshall Islands former District Court Presiding Judge Milton Zackios deputizes the eight MIMRA officers. Below, former Attorney General Filimon Manoni (pictured) attended the ceremony with MIMRA Director Glen Joseph.
Eight MIMRA officers were deputized by Marshall Islands former District Court Presiding Judge Milton Zackios at the Marshall Islands Police Department’s Sea Patrol Conference Room on February 10, 2017. 
These MIMRA staff are now deemed to be Authorized Officers under the Fisheries Enforcement Act, which is tailored to support fisheries officers to carry out their duties and responsibilities to boost enforcement and compliance.
This involves identifying and investigating potential infringements by fishing vessels and/or fishing companies within the Marshall Islands. MIMRA’s eight Authorized Officers are from the Coastal and Oceanic Divisions. All have had formal trainings in fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance work. Witnessing the deputizing ceremony was Marshall Islands former Attorney General Dr. Filimon Manoni and MIMRA Director Glen Joseph.

Enforcement of regulations brings in $715,000 in fines

MIMRA, with the support of the Marshall Islands Police Department’s Sea Patrol and theAttorney General’s Office, actively monitored commercial tuna fishing operations in Marshall Islands waters.

Three fishing vessels/companies paid fines ranging from $15,000 to $500,000, with a total of $715,000 collected by MIMRA during FY2017.
Fishing vessels were fined for various violations, including Interference with a Fisheries Observer in the Performance of his Duties, violating the terms of their licenses, and illegal export of spiral shell trochus.

All three fishing vessels/ companies paid fines during A Fisheries Officer monitors a tuna transshipment in Port Majuro. this period.
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