Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP)

What is PROP?
A MIMRA Coastal Division staff member conducts an outreach interview on an outer island as part of developing locally-implemented resource management plans.
The Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP) is a regional program supported by the World Bank to strengthen the management of fisheries in the Pacific Islands. PROP is supporting work in the Marshall Islands through the Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA) as well as for fisheries departments in the Federated States of Micronesia, the Solomon Islands, and Tuvalu, and at the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency. The aim is to improve the sustainability of oceanic fisheries, coastal fisheries, and the critical habitats on which they depend.
PROP is focused on improving sustainable management of oceanic fisheries by strengthening the capacity of regional and national institutions to manage fisheries and ensure the benefits they produce are equitably shared within Pacific Island countries. The project is supporting sustainability of coastal fisheries by helping to empower stakeholders to better manage fisheries, and by linking sustainable coastal fish products to regional markets. PROP also aims to protect important fishery habitats by creating mechanisms to fund conservation management of the growing number of marine protected areas, and providing funds to ensure a coordinated regional approach to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the program. PROP promotes local implementation of shared regional objectives, together with coordination from the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency.
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A Reimaanlok (Looking to the Future) workshop was held in Majuro with Coastal Management Advisory Council members to update the Reimaanlok Facilitator’s Guide in preparation for a 2018 workshop with IUCN to update the “Reimaanlok: Conservation Area Plan of the Marshall Islands” document.
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Rusila Bituwaqa
Project Coordinator
Qing Zheng
Deputy Project Coordinator
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Project Assistant