Implementing Step 5 of the Reimanlok Process at Wotje Atoll

In March 2020, the Reimaanlok team from MIMRA embarked on their first journey for the year to Wotje Atoll. The team spent a week undertaking "Step 5: Developing the Management Plan" of the Reimaanlok Process. During this trip, the team was able to accomplish a number of activities with the local community on Wotje atoll. These activities include assisting the local community to establish a local resources committee, creating a community vision statement, identifying resource targets, identifying threats and causes, coming up with goals and objectives, creating an action plan, and selecting marine protected areas. The outcome of these activities will be added to the resource management plan for the local people of Wotje atoll. The next step for the Reimaanlok team is to go back to Wotje atoll to present the draft management plan before moving forward to Step 6: Sign-off, which is the endorsement of the Resource Management Plan for Wotje Atoll.