2020 Corona FAD - Majuro, MH

In July 2020, the MIMRA FAD team, with support from Majuro Atoll Local Government and partners, successfully built and deployed a FAD (Fish Aggregating Device) located 1.2 nautical miles southwest of Peace Park Memorial. With growing concerns from the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, the Corona FAD addresses the need for a locally provided food source, and provides benefits (e.g nearshore fishing ground) for the local communities of Majuro. The objectives of the FAD program are to complement food security & livelihoods; provide sustainable fishing practices and to benefit fishing communities.

To ensure longevity of the FAD, MIMRA highly requests that fishermen and boat operators do the following:

1) Refrain from tying boats onto the surface floats
2) Report any suspicious activities (floating of loose ropes, missing floats, vandalism etc)
3) Provide FAD Catch Data to support the continuity and longevity of this programme
4) Do not cut the ropes!
FAD Position
1. Lomajurok 07° 01.845’N 171° 13.777’E; Depth: 1200m