Majuro 2017 FAD Programme

The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA), in collaboration with the Majuro Atoll Local Government, recently deployed five sets of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs), or kajoke, on May 2017. The aim of this project is to compliment national food security, sea safety, sustainable fishing practices and to benefit small scale fishermen throughout Majuro Atoll. With the technical assistance provided by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) Fisheries Development Officer Mr. William Sokimi, a total of 18 participants from Ajeltake to Laura, MALGov and MIMRA staff were able to construct and deploy these floating structures about three to four miles off the oceansides of Delap, Peace Park, Ajeltake, Woja and Laura districts. This is MIMRA’s second training with plans being underway to assist more local fishermen in other atolls by providing FAD trainings and monitoring to commence in the near future.

To ensure longevity of the FADs, MIMRA highly requests that fishermen and boat operators do the following:

1) Refrain from tying boats onto the surface floats
2) Report any suspicious activities (floating of loose ropes, missing floats, vandalism etc)
3) Provide FAD Catch Data to support the continuity and longevity of this programme
4) Do not cut the ropes!

The FAD Team would like to acknowledge Majuro Do It Best and Mack Capelle for their assistance during the project. Kommol Tata!
FAD Positions
1. Bridge FAD: 07° 01.890’N 171° 21.818’E; Depth: 2000m
2. Peace Park FAD: 06° 59.874’N 171° 14.613’E; Depth: 2000m
3. Ajeltake FAD: 06° 59.861’N 171° 09.856’E; Depth: 2000m
4. Woja FAD: 07° 03.834’N 171° 04.907’E; Depth: 1900m
5. Laura FAD: 07° 10.696’N 171° 00.395’E; Depth 1600m