Job Opportunity: Coastal Fisheries Data Officer

Job Opportunity: Coastal Fisheries Data Officer

Authority: Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA)
Reporting To: Chief of Coastal Fisheries

Location and Working Conditions

  • Position Location: Majuro.
  • Two- year contract with 6-month probation period and possibility of extension subject to performance evaluation.
  • Full time (40 hours per week).
  • Occasional domestic and international travel for surveys, meetings, consultations, workshops and/or training.
  • May spend long hours sitting and using office equipment and computers, which can cause muscle strain. Will also have to do some lifting of materials and supplies from time to time.
  • The position is located in a busy, open area office and may be faced with constant interruptions and must meet with others on a regular basis.
  • Must balance hours on computer and face-to-face interactions with staff and visitors.
  • There are a number of deadlines associated with this position, which may cause significant stress. Must also deal with a wide variety of people on various issues.


The Coastal Fisheries Division of MIMRA is responsible for the following activities:

  1. Facilitating the development of community-based resource management for conservation and sustainable livelihoods throughout the Marshall Islands
  2. Achievement of the Micronesian Challenge goals of effectively conserving 50% of near-shore marine areas
  3. Developing regulations, monitoring and enforcement processes to better manage coastal marine resources, including threatened and endangered species
  4. Developing aquaculture and other means of sustainable livelihood development
  5. Educating the community about marine resources and regulations governing these resources.

As a member of the MIMRA Coastal Fisheries Division, the position will be required to lead or participate in a variety of projects and activities to help the team achieve their annual work plan. The special focus of this position is to oversee collection, management, and analysis of data for the Authority in support of fisheries management needs and objectives, including the development, implementation and review of information management needs and solutions relating to Coastal fisheries. While working under the direction of the Chief for Coastal and Community Affairs, this role is expected to show leadership in the management of projects and the achievement of outcomes.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coastal Fisheries Data Management and Reporting
    • Management and Maintenance of MIMRA Coastal Fisheries Database
    • Collect, input and analyze data efficiently to produce information and statistics relating to Coastal Fisheries (catch data, finfish, invertebrates, and other data collected by the Coastal Fisheries Team and relevant CMAC members)
    • Assist in the development and maintenance of a database for all conservation and resource management projects for the purposes of sharing information, building synergy and reducing duplication of effort
  • Maintain and update MIMRA GIS Database
    • Generate spatial data using GPS for base layer development
    • Integrate new datasets developed by MIMRA sections or other partner agencies, and update archived datasets
    • Develop and maintain detailed metadata for new and existing datasets
    • Coordinate outer islands environmental research efforts that require GPS and GIS components
    • Assist with production of thematic maps
    • Coordinate imagery acquisition updates for RMI
    • Coordinate topographic and bathymetric LiDar acquisition for the RMI
    • Coordinate with other RMI agencies and regional/international partners for distribution of new RMI GIS datasets

Other Duties

  • Attend and participate in weekly team meetings for the Division.
  • Prepare a monthly or quarterly individual work plan.
  • Report back weekly on achievements and results, and any constraints or barriers.
  • Participate in the MIMRA performance management system as directed by the supervisor.
  • Other tasks as directed by the Director and Deputy Director.

Performance Indicators

  • Monthly reports
  • Quarterly reports for Corporate Plan
  • Annual report for Annual report
  • Maps printed
  • Updated ConGIS/MC targets table
  • # of imagery acquired
  • Meetings/consultations

Role Related Skills/Capacity

  • Familiar with GIS programs and tools
  • Excellent understanding of data collection and management.
  • Knowledgeable or well versed on the regulatory environment of MIMRA including the MIMRA Act, MIMRA regulations, and other RMI laws and regulations.
  • Strong stakeholder engagement and facilitation skills including a good understanding of MIMRA’s partner agencies and organizations.
  • Well-developed project management skills including the ability to liaise effectively with project partners.

Communication and Language Skills

  • Must have excellent skills in communication, writing, public speaking.
  • Must be able to speak English and Marshallese and have good written English.
  • Must be comfortable working with different types of people in a community setting.
  • Aware and respectful of Marshallese Customs.

Personal Attributes

  • Must have a strong work ethic and organizational skills with attention to detail.
  • Must have the ability to multi-task with strong time and stress management skills.
  • Must be comfortable leading and being part of a team including public speaking, conflict resolution and supporting team members.
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of the role with honesty and integrity.
  • Must be physically fit for field work.
  • Willing to travel to other islands within the RMI, and tolerant of tropical conditions.


  • University degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Geography, Planning, Environmental Science, Environmental Management or related field.


  • Must be proficient in computer applications such as MS Office and others (databases, statistical softwares, etc.).
  • Must be proficient with ArcGIS 9.x and 10 or related Open Source software (e.g. QGIS). ● Must have at least 3 years of applied experience with ArcGIS Technology. ● Familiarity with ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE technology.
  • Familiarity with Garmin and Trimble products.
  • Experience with shoreline/coastal morphology surveying.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Application Process

  • Please visit our website for job descriptions under the Opportunity tab or visit MIMRA Building located at Delap for applications.
  • Contact Ms. Pamela M. Rubon via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (692)625 - 8262 for more information.

Downloadable Documents:
Terms of Reference
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