Job Opportunity: Chief Accountant / Corporate Service

Job Opportunity: Chief Accountant / Corporate Service

Authority: Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA)
Job Tite: Chief - Corporate Services & Finance Division
Reports to: Executive Director

Location and Working Conditions

  • Position Location: Majuro.
  • Two- year contract with 6-month probation period and possibility of extension subject to performance evaluation.
  • Full time (40 hours per week).
  • Occasional domestic and international travel for meetings, consultations, workshops and/or training.
  • May spend long hours sitting and using office equipment and computers, which can cause muscle strain. Will also have to do some lifting of materials and supplies from time to time.
  • The position is located in a busy, open area office and may be faced with constant interruptions and must meet with others on a regular basis.
  • Must balance hours on computer drafting/reviewing reports and face-to-face interactions with staff and visitors.
  • There are a number of deadlines associated with this position, which may cause significant stress. Must also deal with a wide variety of people on various issues.


The Chief - Corporate Services & Finance Division is responsible for the overall supervision of the daily operation and management of the Division.  The main function of the Division is:

  • Administering and documentation of all financial activities including billings, accounts payable, accounts receivable, filing of taxes, payroll, collections and deposits, wire transfers and preparation of financial statements needed for the meetings, accounts reconciliation and other reports required by RMI and donors.
  • Preparation and maintenance of all records to continue clean audits as the result of proper accounting practices, transparency and having an “open book” policy with the Board of Directors and auditors.
  • Coordinate with security and maintenance staffs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the delivery of services and outputs of the Division.
  • Oversee all budget and financial management requirements of MIMRA.
  • Manage and mentor staff within the Division.
  • Contribute to the overall management of MIMRA.
  • Lead in the development and implementation of corporate and financial policies, plans and procedures relevant to the Division.
  • Ensure financial data collection standards are maintained and systems development are up to date.
  • Ensure compliance with national, regional and international financial and corporate obligations.
  • Represent MIMRA at national, regional and international meetings and events as requested by the Executive Director.
  • Work with MIMRA’s local, regional and international partners to carry out MIMRA’s business.
  • Lead public outreach, stakeholder engagement and communications relevant to the Division.
  • Lead and/or contribute to national and regional projects undertaken by MIMRA.
  • Manage the financial reporting requirements for grants.

Other Duties

  • Other duties as requested by the Executive Director.

Performance Indicators

  • Work is aligned with the MIMRA Strategic and Corporate Plans.
  • Reporting obligations are met on time and to the required standard.
  • Budgets are planned, developed, managed and followed.
  • Accounting, Planning and Reporting functions of the Agency, including maintaining appropriate financial records and supporting documentation of all project income, expenditures and other transactions meet audit requirements.
  • Cash flows and analysis for MIMRA are prepared on a monthly basis on time and to the required standard.
  • Financial statements are prepared quarterly on time and to the required standard.
  • Monthly reconciliation of all accounts needing one is conducted to ensure that all accounts and related financial records is done on time and to the required standard.
  • The cash register balance and disbursements are regularly monitored and managed.
  • The petty cash fund is managed and reconciled regularly.
  • Staff are adequately supervised and performance managed.
  • Staff needs such as time sheets, sick/vacation leave and required approvals are met.
  • Staff are mentored as needed and supported in development of capacity in their roles.
  • Support the Executive Director and MIMRA Board as directed.
  • Actively lead and contribute to the MIMRA Management Team.
  • Corporate and financial policies and plans relevant to the Division are up to date and implemented.
  • Standard Operating Procedures for Divisional duties are in place and being followed by staff.
  • Staff have the required tools and capacity to collect data to the required standard.
  • Data collection tools and systems are current and fully functional.
  • Data is shared with relevant partners in a timely manner and to the required standard and format.
  • The Division has the staff and resources to ensure MIMRA’s national, regional and international financial and corporate obligations are complied with.
  • Non-compliance is addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Staff attending these meetings/events are well briefed and prepared to ensure MIMRA’s interests are well represented.
  • Debriefings are held after meetings/events to ensure relevant information is shared appropriately within MIMRA.
  • Working relationships with partner agencies and organizations are productive.
  • MIMRA is known as a trusted and respected partner.
  • Public outreach, stakeholder engagement and awareness raising activities are properly scheduled, resourced and executed.
  • All the required information and support from the Division is available and used for implementing these projects.
  • Working with grantees/donors and staffs, documentation and filing are kept properly.
  • Financial management activities, especially accounting related tasks pertaining to schemes/project are well supported.

Role Related Skills/Capacity

  • Excellent understanding of management in the public sector including budget management and reporting.
  • Excellent staff management skills including supervision, performance management, capacity development and conflict resolution.
  • Excellent skills in leadership and organization for effectiveness.
  • Well-developed skills in the formulation and implementation of policies, plans and procedures.
  • Excellent understanding of financial data collection and management.
  • Knowledgeable or well versed on the regulatory environment of MIMRA including the MIMRA Act, MIMRA regulations, and other relevant RMI laws and regulations.
  • Strong stakeholder engagement and facilitation skills including a good understanding of MIMRA’s partner agencies and organizations.
  • Well-developed project management skills including the ability to liaise effectively with project partners.

Communication and Language Skills

  • Must have excellent skills in communication, writing, public speaking.
  • Must be able to speak English and/or Marshallese and have good written English.
  • Must be comfortable working with different types of people in international, regional and community settings.
  • Cultural knowledge and respect for Marshallese customs and traditions is desirable.

Personal Attributes

  • Must have a strong work ethic and organizational skills with attention to detail.
  • Must have the ability to multi-task with strong time and stress management skills.
  • Must be comfortable leading and being part of a team including public speaking, conflict resolution and supporting team members.
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of the role with honesty and integrity.


  • Must have a degree in Finance or Accounting from a recognized college or university or in a related field.


  • Must have demonstrated experience as a finance officer or manager.
  • Must have at least 5 years’ experience in the public sector or a related field.

Application Process

  • Please visit our website for job descriptions under the Opportunity tab or visit MIMRA Building located at Delap for applications.
  • Contact Ms. Pamela M. Rubon via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (692)625 - 8262 for more information.

Downloadable Documents:
Terms of Reference
Expression of Interest