Job Opportunity: 2 Competent Authority Auditors

Job Opportunity: 2 Competent Authority Auditors

Authority: Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA)
Reporting To: The CA Advisor or Manager


The purpose of the Competent Authority Officer is to make sure the:

  • National Control Plan is implemented and documented.
  • Work closely with CA Manager or Technical Expertise /Advisor on the management of the CA systems and its performance.
  • Plan out the annual inspection including follow-up inspections.
  • Carry out inspection of the fishing vessels, landing sites and processing plant and evaluate performance.
  • Carry out sampling and testing in a timely manner and review results for further actions.
  • Communicate with laboratories for testing purposes and organize for review of labs that the CA uses for testing purposes.
  • Produce and sign the Health Certificate for exports that come from facilities licensed by the MIMRA and approved by the CA.
  • Maintain the exports and the sampling data bases.
  • Work with the Oceanic team on the catch documentation system and processes.
  • Produce report of all inspection and keep proper reports of these undertaking including any action taken.
  • Participate in all regional training and interventions.
  • Keep proper records of all CA undertaking including, CA tools and the maintenance of these equipment and order as necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be required to work with the CA Advisor and the CA Team to draw up the CA yearly work plan
  • Participate in the CA budgetary budget planning and process
  • Be required to undertake inspection and verification of the processing plants and fishing vessels
  • Evaluate performance of the fish processing operations intending to process and export
  • Provide reports to these inspections and issue infringements or non -compliance notices
  • Undertake sampling and submit samples for analysis
  • Participate in vessel boarding, monitoring and sampling as required
  • Validate Health Certificate and products prior to approval for exports
  • Keep records of all the exports and input into the MIMRA data base
  • Participate in meetings and trainings as required for learning and upskilling for the CA work and for the broader work on the CA and in fisheries
  • Participate in Laboratory evaluations as required for testing purposes of RMI fish products
  • Participate in any National Food Safety tasks initiative and contribute meaningfully
  • Provide regular reports of job undertaken when required by management
  • Work with the CA advisor and CA Team Members to produce annual CA reports
  • Ensure all CA files, and important documents, inspection reports, export certificates among others are filed in proper sequence, regularly updated and stored in a secured location accessible by authorized staff only for retrieval
  • Participate in MIMRAs other division meeting and undertakings
  • Contribute your skills to enable the enhancement of the CA work and initiatives

Other Duties

  • Other Work as delegated by the CA advisor and as requested of the CA officer.

Performance Indicators

  • The CA Work Plans are aligned with the CA Strategic Plan and each officer is responsible to ensure execution of the work plan.
  • Each officer is also required to draw up their own work plan based on the CA strategic and know the various scope of the CA work
  • The CA officer must contribute to the CA budgetary planning
  • The CA officers are required to schedule out inspection for fishing vessels, processing plant and the landing site as per the yearly program and execute them.
  • All factory, landing sites and fishing vessels must be evaluated on a regular and scheduled basis to evaluate performance
  • Reports be produced for all inspection and be populated in the MIMFIS. Any infringements and non-compliances notices be issued when they are found.
  • The CA officers are to schedule all sampling and submit to the relevant laboratories.
  • Prior advice must be given to the laboratories before samples are submitted for testing
  • The CA officers are to participate in the vessel boarding for inspection as undertake any sampling and monitoring as required
  • All Heath Certificate must be validated online though MIMFIS before approval is given
  • Physical inspection of exports must be randomly carried out to verify documentation against actual products.
  • All records of exports must be securely stored for reference
  • The CA officers are to participate in meetings and training that will enhance each and every officer
  • The CA officers must understand the process of laboratory evaluation and schedule such evaluations
  • CA Officers must collaborate and participate in national food safety initiative
  • Regular quarterly reports of the CA activity must be provided on a quarterly basis
  • Quarterly newsletters must be provided
  • The CA team must contribute, participate and assign clear responsibilities for undertaking this task
  • Annual CA reports must be produced and all team members are to participate in this exercise with the CA advisor is asked to do so
  • All CA officers JD must include record keeping and record maintenance of all the CA undertakings.
  • All such records must be securely stored and accessible only by authorized personal or provided to approved personnel upon request
  • All CA documents and files are not to be accessible by non – authorized person
  • CA officers are encouraged to participate in MIMRAs division meetings and undertakings
  • The CA officers are encouraged to contribute their skill other than what is on the JDs to enhance and achieve the CA work and initiative
  • Contribute new ideas and solutions to make it a dynamic
  • The CA officers are to be ready to accept any work that the CA manager and or technical expert will request of them.
  • Be prepared to learn about the Catch documentation scheme and processes and work with the MCS team on these fronts

Role Related Skills/Capacity

  • Understand the operation of fish processing operations
  • Understand the regulatory requirements in related to official controls and exports
  • Understanding and be versed with the national and international laws and regulation governing the Competent Authority
  • Understand and learn about the international market requirements
  • Have understanding of laboratory testing requirements for the Competent Authority.
  • Has good team work , organizational and planning skills

Communication and Language Skills

  • Have good communication skills including public speaking
  • Professional language of communication is English
  • Must be able to speak Marshallese

Personal Attributes

  • Required language of education and employment is English
  • Willing to learn, is committed to his or her work.
  • Willing to working long hours and under pressure when required.
  • Must be comfortable being part of the team and be able to make presentation and speak when required
  • Must have strong work ethics
  • Must maintain code of conduct and conduct duties with honesty and integrity.


  • Qualification with minimum, Bachelor of Science (Food, Chemistry, Biology), Environmental Science and similar related disciplines.
  • Proficient in Excel, Word and can produce quality reports.
  • Communication language in English and understands Marshallese


  • Experience can be in the Fisheries Industry and environment, Food industry or in Environmental and Health , dealing with food manufacturing and handling.
  • Works in a food manufacturing environment and understand exports market requirements.
  • Has experience in regulatory environment and understand the requirements for seafood exports.
  • Has experience in the fisheries science or has worked in a fisheries related environment

Application Process

  • Please visit our website for job descriptions under the Opportunity tab or visit MIMRA Building located at Delap for applications.
  • Contact Ms. Pamela M. Rubon via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (692)625 - 8262 for more information.

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