e-Reporting Initiative

Workshop at Bokanake, RRE Hotel

On July 2014, MIMRA in coordination with SPC started its E-Reporting initiatives. This initiative will help sending and sharing of data quick and efficient.

One of the programs is the eTUNALOG application that was introduced to MIMRA by SPC/OFP. The eTUNALOG application is designed to replace the need for skippers to manually complete hard-copy vessel trip LOGSHEETS for submission to national and sub-regional authorities as a licensing condition. This program is very much like the RPL-Regional Purse-Seine Logsheet, only it is run on a smart PDF application. It requires the same information as the old RPL. The data can also be transformed into an XML and can be easily sent through email, making the transportation of data easier. The eTUNALOG trials started in the Marshall Islands since 2014 and trials onboard vessels are ongoing.

Another one is eTUBS a web-based OBSERVER database management system developed by the to enter purse seine and long line observer data collected on the SPC/FFA Regional standard observer forms. It provides user-friendly data entry forms that correspond to the regional standard observer data collection forms; extensive on-line error checking built into the system to ensure the data quality; compatible with common web browsers, maximizing the user-friendliness and logical navigation between forms; and comprehensive reporting system providing information retrieved from one observer trip to all observer data. More Observers are being trained to use the eTUBS on board. We currently have two Observers conducting eTUBS sea trials.
The recent one is iFIMS or Integrated Fisheries Information Management System, is an Android App developed for Observers as a substitute for the Observer’s Purse Seine Workbook. It is still on trial in the Marshall Islands, but it has already been made mandatory by some countries (PNG for example).

There were more than 230 Purse Seine vessels who conducted the trial. To date, MIMRA conducted two inland trainings, teaching Observers on how to use iFIMS. The first training was conducted last January 8-9, 2015, with 13 participants and three trainers. The second training was conducted last January 28-29, 2015 with seven participants, two trainers, and adding two Observers who attended the first iFIMS training.

The third training was held on April 8-9, 2015 at Bokanake Area, RRE to accommodate the 26 Observers who participated. Michael McLaughlan, one of the developers of iFIMS Application from Quick Access Computing, Malo Hosken, the Regional Electronic Reporting Coordinator Consultant from SPC, and Herman Kisokau, the VDS/VMS Data Officer from PNA Office, were present during the trainings and made it easier for us to organize a big group.   

The trainings were successful and more training will be conducted in the future. The next step is to start up the sea trials where Observers will use the iFIMS on board the vessel until the completion of their trip.

Currently we are monitoring daily reports from seven Observers conducting the iFIMS sea trials.

Here are some of the photos from the recent iFIMS Training.